Why Should You Choose A Serviced Apartment Over A Hotel In Peterborough, UK?

Serviced Apartment In Peterborough

Peterborough, a vibrant and growing city in the heart of Cambridgeshire, UK, has become a hub for professionals from various industries, including contractors, corporates, construction workers, care workers, MoD personnel, and more. 

When visiting Peterborough for work or an extended stay, accommodation is a crucial aspect to consider. While hotels have been the traditional choice, serviced apartments have emerged as a superior option for several reasons. 

Here, we will explore why you should choose a serviced apartment over a hotel when staying in Peterborough.

Cost-Effective Accommodation

One of the primary reasons to opt for a serviced apartment in Peterborough is cost-effectiveness. Hotel stays can quickly add up, especially for extended stays. Serviced apartments offer a more economical solution, with competitive rates that become more affordable the longer you stay. Moreover, you can save money by cooking your meals in the fully equipped kitchen, reducing the need to dine out every night.

Spacious and Comfortable Living

Serviced apartments in Peterborough provide a spacious and comfortable living environment that hotels often struggle to match. These apartments are typically larger than standard hotel rooms, offering separate living, dining, and sleeping areas. This extra space is particularly beneficial for long-term stays, as it allows you to work, relax, and entertain guests comfortably.

Fully Furnished and Equipped

One of the significant advantages of choosing a serviced apartment is that it comes fully furnished and equipped with all the essentials you need for a comfortable stay. These apartments feature a fully equipped kitchen with appliances, cookware, and utensils, as well as a washer and dryer. You’ll have all the conveniences of home, making your stay in Peterborough more enjoyable and stress-free.

Privacy and Flexibility

Privacy is a crucial factor when choosing business accommodation for an extended stay. Serviced apartments offer a level of privacy that hotels simply cannot match. You have your own private space, complete with a separate entrance, ensuring you can work or relax without disturbances. Additionally, you can come and go as you please, giving you the flexibility to maintain your own schedule.

Home Away from Home

A serviced apartment in Peterborough truly becomes your home away from home. The welcoming and homely ambience makes it easier to settle in and feel comfortable during your stay. You can personalise the space, cook your favourite meals, and create a relaxing atmosphere that helps you unwind after a long day of work.

Enhanced Comfort and Amenities

Serviced apartments are designed to provide a higher level of comfort and convenience compared to hotels. Many apartments come with additional amenities such as free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and comfortable furnishings. Some even offer on-site facilities like gyms, swimming pools, and communal lounges, allowing you to enjoy a more comprehensive and enjoyable experience.

Cost Savings on Dining

Dining out for every meal while staying in long-term accommodation can be costly and less healthy. Serviced apartments come with fully equipped kitchens, allowing you to prepare your meals. This not only saves you money but also enables you to maintain a balanced diet and cater to any dietary preferences or restrictions you may have.

Ideal for Group Accommodation

If you are travelling with a group of colleagues or friends, serviced apartments in Peterborough are an excellent choice. They offer multiple bedrooms, making it easy to accommodate everyone comfortably under one roof. This can foster a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among the group.

Group Accommodation - Your Lettings

Enhanced Safety and Security

Business serviced accommodation often features secure access systems, CCTV surveillance, and 24/7 on-site staff or concierge services. This added layer of security can provide peace of mind, especially for those staying in an unfamiliar city or for extended periods. You can rest easy knowing that your belongings and personal safety are well taken care of in a serviced apartment, making it an ideal choice for professionals prioritising security during their stay.

Cleaning and Maintenance Services

One of the significant advantages of serviced apartments is the regular cleaning and maintenance services they provide. You can enjoy the benefits of daily or weekly cleaning, fresh linens, and other essential services that ensure your accommodation remains in pristine condition throughout your stay. This level of upkeep is rarely found in standard hotel rooms.

Location and Accessibility

Serviced apartments in Peterborough are strategically located in various parts of the city, offering easy access to key business districts, transportation hubs, and local attractions. This ensures that you can save time on commuting and have more time to focus on your work or leisure activities.

Personalised Service

While hotels offer a certain level of service, serviced apartments often provide a more personalised and attentive experience. The property management and staff are typically more accessible, ensuring that any issues or requests are promptly addressed to your satisfaction.

Long-Term Stays and Discounts

Many serviced apartment providers in Peterborough offer discounts for long-term stays, making it even more cost-effective for professionals who plan to stay for an extended period. These discounts can be substantial, making serviced apartments an excellent choice for those on extended assignments or projects.


When it comes to accommodation in Peterborough, serviced apartments offer a compelling alternative to traditional hotels for professionals such as contractors, corporates, construction workers, care workers, MoD personnel, and other professionals. 

At Your Lettings – a leading serviced accommodation management company – we understand the unique needs of our guests, and our serviced apartments are designed to meet and exceed those expectations. With cost-effective pricing, spacious and comfortable living spaces, fully equipped kitchens, enhanced privacy, and a range of amenities, our serviced apartments provide a home away from home experience that is difficult to match. 

Whether you are staying in Peterborough for a short business trip or an extended assignment, consider choosing a serviced apartment from Your Lettings for a more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable stay. We are committed to ensuring that your time in Peterborough is as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.

Contact us today to book your serviced apartment and experience the difference for yourself!

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