Why Choose Serviced Accommodation Over AirBnb for Business Trips?

A business trip is no less of an adventure; you travel to gain cultural intelligence, nurture relationships with business ecosystems, and make your life dreams come true. It is why you deserve to stay in an accommodation where you can work and feel at home.

When looking to stay away for a business trip, many of you like to book your own accommodation through Airbnb or a Serviced Apartment instead of a hotel. After all, the home-from-home experience is unparalleled! But how do you know which one is the better pick between Airbnb and Service Accommodation? 

Airbnb has made a massive impact worldwide, with many people chasing around for cheaper accommodation and better choices while travelling. Staying in Airbnb has grown in popularity, but traditional serviced accommodation continues to offer significant advantages to business travellers.

In this article, we have listed a few reasons why you’ll probably find yourself better off using serviced accommodation over Airbnb. Keep reading!

What Is A Serviced Accommodation?

There is no specific definition for “Serviced Accommodation”, but to give you a short answer –  they are fully furnished apartments available for short, mid, and long-term stays. In addition, they have an added perk of daily-use amenities, housekeeping, and a wide range of other services (included within the rental price). 

Not to mention – Serviced accommodations in Peterborough are a rapidly growing industry, largely due to contractors, companies, and workers needing comfortable long-term accommodation for corporate assignments. At Your Lettings, we’ve been managing high-quality private houses for such employees, perfect for staying in Peterborough for a few weeks to a few months. 

Let’s Discuss Why Serviced Apartments In Peterborough Are A Better Choice –

Airbnb may seem an attractive choice when booking accommodation for a business trip, but Serviced Apartments outshine with more advantages. Here is a list:


When going for a business trip (meeting or long-term assignment), you want to stay in a place that feels professional. Unfortunately, Airbnb may not fit your expectations. As they are someone else’s homes, they are usually not tidy and professional enough to stir up your confidence. 

On the other hand, Serviced apartments in Peterborough are 100% professionally run apartments, meeting the high standards of business travellers like you.

Cleanliness & Comfort

Choosing a serviced apartment over Airbnb means more cleanliness and comfort.

Here at Your Lettings, cleanliness is strictly maintained to a high standard. As you’ll regularly receive your towels laundered, sheets changed, and the floor cleaned, you can make your stay easy and enjoyable while doing things you need to do. Doesn’t this sound like a bit of a lottery? 

Safety & Security

Peterborough serviced apartments are responsible for the safety of their customers. Besides, we strictly adhere to government regulations of maintaining the safety of the building.

From regular testing of gas heaters to the installation of fire extinguishers and other emergency protections, we ensure you enjoy a safer stay without hassles. 

Proper Facilities

Serviced apartments are specifically designed for business travellers. You can take pleasure in, laptop-friendly workspace, strong internet connection, blackout curtains, and housekeeping services. 

All this can help you have peace of mind while you can focus on what’s more important – your work project or business meetings. But, unfortunately, the same benefits may not be available in an average Airbnb. 

Accountability And Customer Support

Airbnb accommodations are often always rented out by individual owners. In many cases, the property is simply let out for short-term stays. It is why Airbnb hosts do not care about bad reviews. They simply close their account and open a fake one.

In contrast, Peterborough serviced accommodations are available for long-term stays. We have an ongoing business reputation, and therefore are more accountable for our services.

What’s more? You can always speak or report your problem to our customer care during your stay at a serviced apartment. Nevertheless, with Airbnb, you may find communication poor. The owner may be away in another place or not responsive enough to give you the right directions.

Airbnb Or Serviced Accommodation: The Takeaway!

Your business trip can be fruitful if you get to stay at a place that feels home away from home. Serviced Accommodations are a clear winner over Airbnb! With an extra advantage of cleanliness, security, amenities, and customer support, we make your business travelling – a great experience to remember.

So, the next time you head on a business trip to Peterborough, call us at 01733 711 223 or contact us online to book your dream accommodation. 

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