Where Can Contractors Stay When Hotels Shut Down During Lockdown

Where Can Contractors Stay When Hotels Shut Down During Lockdown | Your Lettings Peterborough

Where Can Contractors Stay When Hotels Shut Down During Lockdown

One of the reasons why having a job as a contractor is exhausting is that you have to keep moving from one place to another. Be it electrical contractors, building contractors, or employees at corporates, where work entails travel. While some may get used to it, accommodation for contractors is a little bit of a hassle every time.

Given the current situation, the coronavirus looming around, things have become quite complicated. Putting a halt to everything is not sustainable. Even during the lockdown, the work must resume. The standard operating protocols are around to ensure safety at work. Yet, contractor jobs have an additional problem to worry about.

A major problem arises with housing. Hotels shut down during lockdown as a safety measure. The options contractors have, where it is safe for them to stay, are few. If you are a contractor, this guide might help you.


People who invest in real estate give their houses on rent. There are various such places available. You can contact Letting agents once you are in the area. However, it is a time-consuming process and involves much more paperwork and background checks; therefore, it’s best to plan in advance. You can always schedule the trip beforehand so that you have a few days to relax prior to your arrival.


It may be hard for people to go looking for places to rent especially if you are new in the area. Airbnb is an online service that can ease the process. You can provide your specifications, and Airbnb will take care of the rest. You can find a furnished house, which may not be the case for a regular rental.

Letting Agents

A letting agent might be the best option for contractors. Letting agents are professionals working to find you the right accommodation. You can find a space very well suited for you and/or your team with the help of these agents. They will cater to your demands and specifications. Moreover, they cover all sorts of accommodation, be it serviced accommodation or rentals

A reliable letting agent will deliver what they promise. In the current situation, you can ask your agent to ensure that safety measures are taken. Once you take all the necessary measures, there is very little space for uncertainties. Letting agents allow you to remain carefree when looking for a place to live.

If you plan on travelling during these difficult times, it is suggested to make arrangements beforehand. This will save you from getting into any unwanted and unpleasant situation. There are services available through websites and online applications to help you out. You can even call some agents via phone; the old-fashioned way.

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