What Types of Guests Need Serviced Accommodation?

Have you ever heard about serviced accommodation? Planning to invest in a serviced apartment instead of HMOs? Probably, you are aware of the availability of the different types of serviced accommodation. However, the type of serviced accommodation you choose depends on the type of guests who will be staying in your apartment, as your guests will be the ultimate source of your profit. 

Keeping this in mind, you must try to understand your guests’ profile, the location, and why would someone want to stay in your apartment? This guide will help you get answers to all your questions. In this guide, we will discuss the types of guests you may encounter while having a serviced apartment.

So, who would be your guests? Who needs serviced accommodation?


Since contractors need to stay away from home for several days to months, depending on the duration of their project, they look for budget-friendly accommodation that has all the basic amenities and is ideal for extended stays. However, there is no hard and fast rule for choosing accommodation for contractors as every group may have different needs. 

Some contractors stay in serviced apartments for a predetermined period, especially if they live abroad. However, most companies ask contractors to stay during the weekdays only. Moreover, some contractors ask their managers to book accommodation on their behalf. On the other hand, some contractors prefer to book their accommodation on their own, depending on their needs. So, this type of guest may need a different booking style. 

Corporate guests: 

Corporate guests are similar to contractors. Just like contractors, they book in groups as they have to go out for meetings every now and then. You have to provide them some space to work without any disturbance besides a clean room and basic amenities. 

Nowadays, companies from different sectors hire employees from all over the world. So, employees have to attend various meetings or seminars to enhance their skills & they have to stay away from their homes. At times, corporate guests prefer serviced apartments over hotels, as they offer them more privacy and spacious accommodation to relax and work on projects. Having a fully equipped apartment with enough working space is ideal for corporate employees, especially during the hybrid work culture.

Leisure guests: 

These types of people travel for leisure purposes & they have different requirements than those who stay in hotels. Usually, serviced accommodation is ideal for a group of 3-10 people who prefer to have spacious rooms and more privacy. Leisure guests also look for comfort and entertainment at the same time. 

These guests are usually the members of the same family or friends traveling together. Apart from this, some people choose to book serviced apartments for various events, such as weddings, parties, etc. So, they prefer to book on weekends and during their vacations. So, if you want to accommodate leisure guests at your serviced apartment, make sure you pay more attention to their comfort and enjoyment as compared to a great location.

The bottom line

No matter what type of guests you are planning to accommodate, everyone loves to have clean rooms, good location, parking, spacious accommodation, etc. Since the number of people in a group can vary, the number of beds and rooms can also vary with the apartment. You may have to host a small group of 2 people or a large group of 6-10 members. So, before you invest in serviced accommodation in Peterborough, make sure you consider what type of guests will be staying in your serviced apartment and what facilities your guests want while staying at your apartment.

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