Special Offer before summer holiday ends

Are you looking for accommodation in Peterborough that feels like home?

Then we have the perfect place for you. All our houses are equipped with everything you would have in your own home and more. We pride ourselves on offering the best atmosphere and best houses in Peterborough for short-term accommodation.

After a hard day or stressful day at work, I’m sure you would want somewhere you can relax and chill. We provide the ideal setting for you to unwind and feel at home.

Your lettings is unique and has a lot to offer. In hotels you tend to feel trapped in a room and it feels weird walking about. At our houses you have a lot more space, communal areas, fast WiFi so you can do work or watch films on your laptop. We also provide excellent TV entertainment like Netflix.

Our Serviced Accommodations are a fantastic alternative to staying in a hotel, and we want all of our guests to have a wonderful time while visiting Peterborough.

Visit Peterborough, feel relaxed and experience the best option for Serviced Accommodation. We have been doing this for over 5 years, so we totally understand the needs of our guests. If you made your reservation with us on or before 4 September 2022, you’ll be eligible for this fantastic gift and discount.

Receive 10% off, and

Free Welcome Pizza and

A bottle of wine, too.

Booking before 4 September or earlier will qualify you for all these perks. Get in touch soon to get this limited offer…!

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