How To Get Accommodation Close To Your Worksite in Peterborough?

Do you know Peterborough is home to over 7,800 businesses and 216,000 residents? It has the seventh-highest business startup rate in England. That is why it attracts entrepreneurs and professionals from various sectors worldwide.
Those traveling to Peterborough for business have to find the right accommodation. While you can easily find accommodation for your stay in Peterborough, finding accommodation close to your worksite can make a huge difference by:

  • Enhancing your quality of life
  • Reducing commuting stress
  • Saving valuable time
  • Boosting efficiency and productivity

So, how do you find the best accommodation close to your worksite? In this guide, we will discuss the steps to finding suitable accommodation near your workplace.

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Tips To Choose The Right Accommodation Near Your Workplace

Type of accommodation: There is a range of accommodations in Peterborough, from hotels to serviced apartments. When looking for an accommodation, decide which type of accommodation you need.
While hotels are the primary choice for accommodation, they tend to be expensive, especially when it comes to accommodating multiple employees in different rooms. On the other hand, serviced accommodations have multiple rooms that can accommodate a group of employees under one roof.
Moreover, serviced apartments offer the comfort of a home away from home. This helps employees focus on their work and enhance productivity. These apartments tend to be relatively less expensive, especially if they are preferred for long-term stays.
So, before you go ahead, decide whether you want to stay in a hotel or a serviced apartment.
Location: A range of accommodation is located in the city center of Peterborough. However, workers like contractors may have to work in various locations around the city, including construction sites, industrial areas, or business parks situated on the outskirts. That is why looking for accommodation near your worksite is recommended.
This will not only make it easier for you to travel to and from the site but also save you valuable time. YourLettings offers a range of serviced apartments located throughout Peterborough, making it easier for you to find accommodation near your site.
Price: The price of accommodation can vary depending on the accommodation type. For most organizations, choosing a comfortable and cheap accommodation at the same time is a primary concern.
Since you have to book multiple rooms in a hotel, it can be very expensive. Moreover, hotel rooms don’t provide privacy and flexibility to check-in and check-out. So, at times, it is wise to book a serviced apartment, depending on the size of your team. This can significantly reduce the overall cost of accommodation.
Security: Security should be at the top of your priority list. While hotels and serviced apartments follow security measures and install CCTV cameras throughout the property, restricted access to serviced apartments makes them more secure than hotels.
Cleanliness: Cleanliness and hygiene are crucial for the well-being of your employees. So, it is recommended that you pay attention to cleanliness. Ensure there is staff who sanitize your accommodation and surrounding areas properly.
Adequate space: The accommodation you choose for your employees must be spacious and relaxing so that they can have a comfortable stay. However, hotel rooms tend to be less spacious than serviced apartments. Our serviced apartments come with multiple bedrooms that can easily accommodate your employees without compromising space.
Amenities: Last but not least, you should pay attention to the amenities. Unlike hotel rooms, serviced apartments have fully equipped kitchens and washing machines. This allows your employees to cook meals and wash clothes on their own, which will further help them save money and time.

The Bottom Line

When looking for a close to your workplace, consider the aforementioned factors. Serviced apartments often provide a balanced solution – they offer the comfort of home with the flexibility and services necessary for professional needs. Selecting the right type of accommodation facilitates a productive, comfortable, and enjoyable.
If you are looking for the best serviced accommodation in Peterborough, YourLettings can help. Our apartments are conveniently situated across the city. Our properties are located near to business parks, industrial areas, and the city center. So, we can help you ensure you have a comfortable and convenient lodging option regardless of the location of your worksite.
So, what are you waiting for? Explore our range of properties and choose the one that best meets your needs and budget!

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