How can Contractors Save Money on Business Trip

How can contractors save money on Business Trip

How can contractors save money on Business Trip

Many businesses and workplaces are having a big impact during coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, and especially now, managing finance and saving every penny is mandatory for companies. When arranging a business trip, your choice of accommodation will largely impact your business finance.

Here are 9 tips to save money on a Business Trip. Hope this will save you some money!

1. Stay in a fully furnished Serviced Accommodation rather than a hotel

Hotels are expensive and restrictive. You have one room and meals are not always available at the times that fit in with you. In a Serviced Accommodation you have more freedom to come and go as you please, it also provides you with all the comforts of home plus much more. You are not ruled by set meal times and you have much more space to relax and live as you would do at home.

Lots of space for less money

Unlike a hotel where you are limited to a bedroom with en suite facilities. All our properties give you so much more space. You have a kitchen and dining area, plus a living area with comfy furnishings and fittings where you can relax and chill out. Some of our properties have multiple bedrooms which mean that if you are travelling with others you can all save money but staying in one property and sharing the cost. Our Serviced Accommodation are up to 50% cheaper than hotels.

2. Cook your own meal using the Kitchen Facilities

One of the best benefits of Serviced Accommodation is that they come with a kitchen. All our properties have fully fitted kitchens complete with cooking utensils, microwaves, fridges and freezers etc.

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You can eat what you want, when you want and not have to worry about fitting in with set meal times. Obviously cooking for yourself saves money and gives you the freedom to have friends or work colleagues round for a meal. You can feel relaxed and enjoy good food and company without the formality of a hotel. If you would like to eat out you will find plenty of good restaurants in the area. All our properties include washing machines and tumble driers, ironing boards and irons.

3. Plan ahead

Many accommodation providers give a discount for advanced booking so if you are on a guaranteed business trip, book a Non-refundable rate which is cheaper. Everything will be ready for you when you arrive. All you have to do is unpack, stick the kettle on and relax.

4. Book directly with the company / owner

On average charge the host 15% fee – so owners tend to put higher prices on booking portals.  The cheapest way to book is to book directly with the company/owner. Many management agencies like us will also cater for any requests you may have like providing a welcome package for when you arrive. If you have any specific requirements regarding the type of bedding provided i.e. Non allergy pillows or duvets you can also ask for this to be considered when booking. Also booking directly with the owner/letting agency you can tailor your requirements before you arrive.

5. Check the accommodation facility

If you are on business you will need to have WiFi so check before you book. Also check if the accommodation provides free parking facilities. These daily costs may not impact you too much for short stays, but it counts if you need to stay for weeks or months! All our Serviced Accommodation provide free WiFi and free parking, some even have Netflix for free!

6. Get discount coupon

Check if the accommodation offers any discount voucher or code prior to booking. We offer discount coupons through newsletters. This saves you even more money than if you stayed at a hotel.

7. Use Travel Management Service

Simply make a phone call or send an email enquiry to the Serviced Accommodation management company like us to see if they can help. Use their local knowledge to choose the best accommodation location and type of accommodation. You may need to be near the railway station, avoid busy roads or other facilities like restaurants, entertainment venues etc. We can help corporate and contractors source accommodation in Peterborough, tailored to your needs and requirements.

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8. Use Concierge service

This is a really valuable service. The Concierge will already have good relationships with local suppliers – e.g. taxi, restaurants, etc. If you need to call a taxi, just use the Concierge service that may be able to get a preferred rate. We offer on-call Concierge Service to our clients. This all takes the stress and strain out of your stay. So you just pick up the phone, tell us what you require and it is sorted out for you.

9. Stay somewhere with better security and privacy

Security and privacy is important to everyone. You don’t want to waste your time (= money!) dealing with any issues. Our award-winning serviced accommodation give you the comfort in knowing that during your stay, you will have the privacy and freedom to come and go as you please or your work dictates. This means you can get on with your day, whether your schedule involves exploring the city in search of new business opportunities or working on your plan of action from your accommodation.

Business success is within reach with your serviced stay, and you have the freedom and flexibility to do what you have to do for your company’s progression.


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