How Are Serviced Accommodations Better Than Booking Hotels or Airbnb in Peterborough?

Travelling is a lot more fun when you have the right accommodation to live, sleep, work, and feel homely. So, let’s make it happen!

Millions of people travel for business every day. They look into many choices when taking the trip, and one of the most important is what accommodation to choose.

Gone are the days when hotels were the only options. Today, you have more choices in accommodation than ever before. But how do you decide when it’s down to serviced apartments vs hotels in Airbnb in Peterborough?

Indeed, the choice of accommodation depends on how you like to travel and experience a place. However, if you yearn to enjoy sheer comfort during your long-term stay for corporate assignment, serviced apartments are the most sought-after. After all, they are meant to offer you more space to work, relax, cook, and sleep, and most importantly, make you feel at home.

Here’s how serviced accommodations are better than booking hotels in Airbnb!

#1. They Are Cheaper Than Hotels

The topmost reason to opt for serviced apartments over Peterborough’s Airbnb is cost-efficiency. They provide you with a 5-star hotel experience without the hefty price tag. Not only you’ll have the aesthetic ambience, but you can also cut down on spending  on meals by cooking yourself in the fully equipped kitchens. Besides, facilities like fridge, microwave, laundry, and housekeeping come in handy. 

Not to mention – serviced apartments offer discounts from time to time. So, whether you book “ONE” for a few weeks or a couple of months, you’d not be in a tight spot to save your travelling budget.

#2. They Are Spacious

As a business traveller, you’ll probably want to stay in an apartment that is spacious and affordable at the same time. Serviced accommodations are the key to your desire. They are fully furnished apartments offering 30%-50% more space than a typical hotel room. 

With a normal-sized studio and one, two, or six-bedroom setups, you’ll have tremendous space to work and live. Additionally, a separate, fully-equipped kitchen is sure to give you a pleasant feeling if you love cooking and savouring healthy meals. 

#3. They Offer More Privacy And Freedom

If you book a serviced apartment over Airbnb near you, you can work, relax, and play at any given moment. You can host a business meeting in the living room or entertain your family in the apartment.

Moreover, the buildings are usually smaller with fewer people, reflecting a “home away from home” experience.

#4. They Help You Experience Life As A Local

Being in the hotel with other travellers doesn’t feel exciting, especially if you are on a long-term stay. 

On the other hand, staying in serviced apartments is a completely different experience. You get to stay with your company team or family members under the same roof. This could make  your stay socially more enjoyable.

What’s more? With serviced apartments in Peterborough, you get to deal directly with the host. Interestingly, the host can help you with all the information you’d want to know about the best restaurants, shopping centres, and events near you.

The more you explore, the more your trip will be fun and memorable!

#5. They Are Convenient To Book

Booking a serviced apartment is pretty simple. Unlike hotels, you don’t have to indulge in lengthy procedures. In fact, no long-term commitment are required.

Just fill a simple form and pay for your accommodation to enjoy the stay. 

Book A Service Apartment For Your Next Stay!

Serviced apartments offer a quality standard of living, comfort, and relaxation that you’ll love to rejoice in while you are on your trip. Plus, they are the fastest-growing industry committed to ensuring a unique experience for business travellers.

So, if you are travelling in Peterborough for your business meeting or assignment, serviced apartments are the best option.

At Your Lettings, you can pick from the most luxurious and comfortable apartments in Peterborough to add more value to your business trip. We offer the best serviced accommodation at half the price of regular Airbnb in Peterborough.

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