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Go for our Short-Term Rental Houses instead and experience better comfort at lower prices!

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If you’re travelling to Peterborough and wish to have a comfortable stay, then most-likely a hotel will not fit the bill. Hotels rooms in peterborough can be quite pricey and might not provide all the services and comforts you desire during an extended stay. Also, It can be frustating too, to look for the cheap hotels in peterborough, UK at the time of emergency. We have a better option for you! Instead of booking a hotel room in Peterborough, you can book a short-term rental house with us. Our fully-furnished houses come equipped with all the furnishings and facilities that you may need during your stay. Experience home away from home, book your next stay with us!

For Business and Work trips

If you’re looking for a base in Peterborough for you or your team during a work trip, then a hotel room in Peterborough, UK might not be the best option. They can be pricey and not very conducive to actually getting work done. A short-term, fully-furnished rental accommodation is a lot more convenient and cost-efficient than Hotels and Airbnb. At Your Lettings, you can book fully-equipped short-term rental houses located in the prime locations of Peterborough. Our rental houses have the ideal mix of budget, comfort, and luxury to make it an easy choice for you and your team!

Rent a room in Peterborough | Chadburn House

For your next Family Break

Are you travelling to Peterborough with your family? Or are you in the process of moving or renovating houses in Peterborough? If yes, then you can rent short-term houses instead of hotels or Airbnbs and cut your costs almost to half! Apart from the significant cost savings, you can also maintain a degree of normality in your routine since parents can select a location that’s easy for both work and school.
With short-term house rentals, you can cook your own healthy meals in our fully-equipped kitchen. Many of our properties are with private gardens and parking spaces. Renting houses for a few days to a couple of months can work out significantly cheaper per night when compared with Hotels. So, families visiting Peterborough can take the advantage of our homely short-term rental properties and make their stay truly memorable!

Chadburn House | Your Lettings Peterborough | Cheap Hotels Peterborough

Select from Fully-furnished Short-term Rental Houses in Peterborough

You can choose from our fully-furnished houses with all the facilities that you might need during your stay. We prefer going the extra mile to make sure that all our guests have a pleasant stay. At Your Lettings, all of our short-term rental properties include amenities like TV, Microwave, Iron, Fridge, Toaster, Heating, Wi-Fi, Washing Machine, Cooking Utensils, Car Parking, and more! All this, at a fraction of the cost of an average to cheap Hotels in Peterborough, Uk! Choose from the following properties at prime locations in Peterborough:

Why Choose Our Short-Term Rental Houses Over Hotels in Peterborough, UK

What do you expect from hotels in Peterborough? Isn’t it excellent services, a comfortable stay, and free Wi-Fi? How about getting all of these facilities at a more cost-effective price than even cheap hotels in Peterborough, UK? When you are travelling to Peterborough and require accommodation for multiple days, hotel rooms in Peterborough, UK can be a pricey deal. At Your Lettings, we offer you short-term rental houses for a hotel-like experience but at lower prices.

In addition to lower prices than hotels in Peterborough, there are many other reasons to choose short-term rental houses at Your Lettings:

  • Fully-furnished, fully-equipped rental houses close to prime locations of Peterborough.
  • A combination of luxury, comfort, and low price
  • Amenities like television, fridge, washing machine, kitchen, iron, toaster, and more 
  • Wi-Fi
  • Multiple property options

Book a House for your next stay!

Short-Term Rental Houses instead and experience better comfort at lower prices!

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