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Simplifying Your Search For Worker Accommodation

In collaboration with Your Lettings, Contractor Lettings proudly offers exceptional accommodation options for contractors and corporate clients across the UK.

We’re dedicated to meeting the unique needs of professionals on the move.

Whether you’re a contractor, a member of a corporate team, or working on a project, we understand the importance of finding the right accommodation quickly and efficiently.

That’s where Contractor Lettings steps in.

Our easy-to-use service ensures you can find and secure quality lodging across the UK in just minutes, offering the convenience, reliability, and comfort your team deserves, wherever your work may lead.

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Building on Your Lettings’ Award-Winning Legacy

Contractor Lettings is proud to be part of the Your Lettings family, recognised for excellence in accommodation services.

Built on the multiple awards and recognition Your Lettings has achieved, ensuring that every aspect of Contractor Lettings meets these high standards of quality and customer service.

Our Awards Include

Contractor Lettings follows in the footsteps of Your Lettings to provide the best possible accommodation for workers nationwide.

Contractor Lettings: Tailored Accommodation Services for Professionals

At Contractor Lettings, we specialise in providing more than just a place to stay.  Our services are designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals nationwide:

Strategically Located Properties

Whether it’s near work sites or city centres, our properties are conveniently located for ease of access.

Rewards Program

Earn points with every stay, redeemable for discounts and special rewards, enhancing your booking experience.

Vetted Accommodations

We ensure each property meets our high standards, providing you with safe, comfortable, and reliable lodging options.

Maximise Your Stays with the Contractor Lettings Reward Points Programme

At Contractor Lettings, we specialise in providing more than just a place to stay.  Our services are designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals nationwide:

How You Earn

Stay and Earn: 1 point for every £1 spent on accommodation. Promotional Offers: Gain member-only offers and earn extra points. Referral Programme: Refer a friend and earn points for both of you.

How To You Use

Accommodation Discounts: Redeem points for discounts on future bookings – the more points, the bigger the discount! Team Treats and Personal Pampering: Exchange points for Just Eat or Amazon vouchers, a perfect way to reward your team or yourself.

FAQs And Point Management

Points are credited after check-out and can be used on your next booking. No expiry on points – accumulate and use them at your convenience. Easily track your points balance and history through our upcoming online guest portal. In the meantime, our customer service team is always ready to assist.

Finding You The Right Accommodation With Over 20 Years Of Experience

Yoko Garg, Director of Contractor Lettings and I-PRAC accreditation holder brings over two decades of expertise in hospitality, customer service, and team management. 

Her journey in the industry, highlighted by her role at WhiteConcierge and her leadership at Your Lettings, has been marked by a commitment to excellence and innovation.

Yoko’s vision for Contractor Lettings stemmed from identifying a gap in the market for quick and reliable professional accommodation. 

Her approach combines meticulous vetting of accommodations, a user-friendly booking process, and a rewards system, ensuring Contractor Lettings not only meets but exceeds the expectations of business travellers and contractors.

With Yoko in the driver’s seat, Contractor Lettings is more than just accommodation; it’s a promise of quality, comfort, and convenience.

Yoko Garg 

Director of Contractor Lettings and Your Letting

20+ years in hospitality, customer service & team management

I-PRAC Accredited

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