What Should You Look For When Booking Serviced Accommodation In Peterborough?

Business travelers are real daredevils who leave their comfort zone to travel for work. When it comes to a business trip and staying with colleagues for several days, many people don’t feel comfortable. Not only do they have to deal with people but also the inevitable fatigue caused by traveling. 

However , choosing an accommodation that allows people to create a balance between personal and professional life and provide them some privacy can make a huge difference. But not all companies can’t afford to book multiple properties for different employees. Budget is the biggest constraint that may force companies to overlook their employees’ personal needs and comfort level. Here is where serviced apartments come into play.

What is a serviced apartment?

A serviced apartment is a homestyle accommodation with several rooms to accommodate a large group easily. Not only can this type of accommodation provide a guaranteed restful night’s sleep to its guests but also offer them complete privacy. Moreover, these apartments have all the amenities you can expect at your home, offering you a unique and comfortable staying experience.

What to look for when booking short-term business accommodation?

Location: When you look for a serviced apartment in Peterborough, it is crucial to check where it is located. Is it near to your work, local supermarket, pharmacy, hospital, or restaurant or not? Choosing an accommodation located in the heart of Peterborough and near your work will offer you access to a local supermarket, restaurants, and other amenities. You will be easily able to access the public transportation facilities. 

Amenities: While serviced apartments include a range of basic amenities, not all serviced apartments have all the luxurious amenities. So, before you book your accommodation, it is important to know what amenities are crucial to make your stay comfortable and what amenities are included in your accommodation. Most serviced apartments include amenities like a fully-equipped kitchen, TV, Wi-Fi, hairdryer, towels and laundry facilities, etc.

Space: When you book your accommodation, it is vital to know how many rooms you need. The biggest advantage of booking serviced accommodation in Peterborough is that it has multiple rooms that can accommodate a group of up to 10-12 people under the same roof. It offers at least half more space than a hotel. So, when you book your accommodation, check how large the bedrooms and living rooms are and whether it can accommodate all your employees with ease or not.

Price: Your budget and the price of accommodation play a vital role when it comes to booking accommodation for a business trip, as accommodation can eat away most of your budget. However, when you choose to book a serviced apartment instead of booking multiple rooms at a hotel, it tends to be cheaper. So, before you book your accommodation for a business trip, make sure you compare the prices to check if you are paying more for the same things. But when you compare the prices, remember that the places that offer amenities are likely to be more expensive than the ones that don’t.

Payment terms and conditions: Before you book your accommodation, it is recommended to check the payment terms and conditions. Check whether the payment is monthly or upfront. In addition, you need to check the cancellation policy, especially if you are booking your accommodation at least one month before the business meetings. Since you may never know when you have to move again to a new place or return to your home for work, make sure you know the cancellation policy and if there are any  fees you must pay if you cancel your accommodation.

The bottom line

Now that you know what you should check when booking serviced accommodation for a business trip, what are you waiting for? Find the best serviced apartments in Peterborough and choose the one that can cater to your needs. 

If you are wondering who offers the best serviced accommodation in Peterborough, Your Lettings can turn out to be the best option. We offer a range of accommodations for corporates, contractors, and leisure guests. Explore our apartments and choose the best one to make your business trip unique.

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