Advantages of Serviced Accommodation for Contractors in Peterborough

Getting a new contract job in Peterborough is a big break in a career, but it always comes with the hassle of finding suitable accommodation. So, let’s sort this out today!

Until now, business travellers (especially contractors!) have been choosing B & B’s and rooms in someone’s home, known as “Digs”, to stay while working in another city or country. But why face discomfort when you can have a ‘home away from home’ environment with serviced apartments! They are fully-furnished apartments, with the convenience and flexibility of a hotel and the comfort of a private home.

Serviced apartments may feel like a new trend, but they have been around for a while in Peterborough. They are the best accommodation for contractors, as they wipe out worries about safety, cost, privacy, and things breaking down. Above all, they offer you the freedom of living a homely life.

In this post, we have outlined key benefits of serviced accommodation for contractors working in Peterborough:


One of the biggest benefits of Serviced accommodation is their substantial space.

On average, service accommodations offer 50% more space than hotel rooms, meaning you can relax without fuss. Not only this, but you can also enjoy a separate living and dining area with well-equipped facilities.

At Your Lettings, our service apartments are fully furnished with kitchens, gardens, spacious bedrooms, and other luxurious amenities to help contractors be footloose and fancy-free after a long day of work.  Whether you yearn to relax in front of the TV, savour a nice meal, or meditate in a peaceful environment, you’ll have enough space you need at our corporate service accommodations in Peterborough.


Most contractors look for accommodations to stay for a long time without any safety and security concerns. Serviced apartments are a turn-key solution here!

Often, on-site managers manage serviced apartments; they ensure that guests have maximum safety on the premises. Moreover, apartments are fixed up with high-security devices, such as CCTV cameras, discreet entrance areas, and video surveillance, accounting for ideal contractor accommodations in Peterborough.


If your ultimate goal is to cut your accommodation costs while away from home, look no further than serviced apartments. They are the most cost-effective solution, as unlike hotels or rental properties, they don’t charge per person but for an entire apartment. Given that, they are tremendously beneficial for larger groups.

Besides, there are no long-term rental agreements; you only have to pay for contractor accommodation services for the exact length of your stay.


Our serviced apartment in Peterborough is more than just a contractor accommodation service. You can get hold of us 24 hours a day, which means you don’t have to worry if you’re running late for check-in.

What’s more? We are just one call away to help you with anything and everything. You can even ask us for local recommendations whether you are looking for the best restaurants to eat or the best amusement places to spend your weekend.

A dream contractual job or project + fun stay in Peterborough – what else one asks for!


A few moments of fun and entertainment can kill your all-day stress and fatigue! Surprisingly, serviced apartments are designed on the same notion. From pool tables to lounge areas that feel like a cinema, serviced contractors accommodations ensure you have a chill-out time until your departure.

In addition, you get free WiFi so that you can binge-watch your favourite series on Netflix or play online games without network interruption.

Final Words

No doubt, there is a wide range of accommodation services available for contractors, but nothing is comparable to serviced apartments. After all, they are the clear winner in terms of convenience, comfort, cost-effectiveness, safety, and entertainment.

At Your Lettings, we offer top quality serviced accommodation for contractors at 50% cheaper prices than hotels. Whether you are looking forward to staying just for a week or more than a month for your contractual project, our team ensures to make your experience pleasurable. 

Call us on 07425 149595 or fill out the form online to book a five-star contractor accommodation in your budget. 

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